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False Proposals - It Happens More Than You Might Think

Posted on: 09/02/2018

A low-key proposal whilst you're watching Netflix, getting down on one knee at a picturesque holiday spot or an elaborate plan that's worthy of uploading onto YouTube - the perfect proposal is different for every couple.

Whether you've been together for ten months or ten years, planning a proposal can be a stressful experience for any man or woman. But waiting patiently for one isn't fun either, and you could be expecting to hear those all-important four words during every day trip or holiday...

Here at F.Hinds, we decided to find out how often expectations and reality don't quite match up when it comes to popping the question, and how people often predict a proposal incorrectly!

F.Hinds Survey: Proposal Predictions

So, when is the perfect time to propose? We posed this question to the UK public and also asked them to share some of their proposal faux-pas from when they wrongly predicted wedding bells on the horizon!

We hoped that the results would reveal more about when people start thinking about proposals in a relationship, whether this differed between men and women and the best (and worst) ways to ask that question - "Will you marry me?"

First Date to Exchanging Vows Within 2 Years

Our survey revealed that the majority of the UK public believe that the ideal amount of time before getting engaged is when you're in a relationship for 1-2 years. In fact, 19% of people thought that couples should get engaged within a year of meeting.

Long engagements weren't popular with the UK public either, with 54% of our respondents believing there should be just one year to plan the wedding. So it's realistic that couples could go from starting a relationship to husband and wife in just two years!

This might seem pretty fast, but 30% of people still admit that they hint to their partner for a marriage proposal. With all this excitement to skip to marriage quickly, it means 55% of people have mistakenly predicted a proposal at least once during their relationship!

We asked our respondents to share some of their (and their friends) unlucky-in-love proposal stories with us to remind us that a false proposal is nothing to be embarrassed about!

'False Proposal’ Love Stories'

Have You Falsely Predicted a Proposal?

Don't worry if any of these stories hit quite close to home because you're certainly not alone!

37% of men and 35% of women said that they'd falsely predicted a proposal at least once during their relationships. We were surprised to find that more men admitted to making the mistake than women, however, 30% of women said it had happened to them three times!

Also, people of all ages had fallen victim to this same mistake - almost half (48%) of 18-34-year olds said they had wrongly predicted a proposal before, with 17% of people in the 65+ category agreeing.

Here are some more interesting proposal facts we found out from our survey:
  • 37% of women would hint to their partner to propose, compared to just 20% of men
  • 46% of 18-34-year olds admit they would hint to their partner but just 14% of 65+
  • 22% of 18-34-year olds think 6 months is the right amount of time between engagement and marriage, compared to 4% of 55-64
  • Whilst a large amount of 65+ wrongly predicted just one proposal, it appears 18-24 made the same mistake on numerous occasions
All in all, falsely predicting a proposal is more common than you might think, and it's happened to plenty of us before - 55% of us to be exact! This might be because many people expect to get engaged as quickly as a year into a relationship and admit to dropping hints about it regularly.

Even if there wasn't a 'happily ever after' for your 'false proposal' fiasco, at least you've got a funny story out of it! And if you're planning on surprising your partner by getting down on one knee for real, our stunning collection of engagement rings can help...
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