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Garnet - January's Birthstone

Posted on: 03/01/2019

January babies are very lucky - not only do they start the New Year with a birthday celebration, they also have the beautiful garnet as their birthstone. Garnets are vivid red gemstones that symbolise faith, eternity, trust, friendship and truth, making them the ideal stone to start the New Year with!

It's no secret that each birthstone is completely unique. With individual meanings dating back to ancient times, special powers and different colours, it comes as no surprise that birthstones are a popular gift choice. If you know someone who's celebrating their birthday this month then why not surprise them with a beautiful garnet jewellery piece?

The Colour of Garnet

Ever wondered about the colour of the striking garnet? The most recognisable colour is definitely the deep red garnet. Deep red garnet jewellery rose to popularity in the Victorian era and still boasts a classic vintage feel today. Although garnets are most popular in deep red, they can also be found in almost every colour including brilliant green, raspberry pink and bright orange.

Facts About Garnet

  • Garnets are named after the pomegranate seed due to their similar colours. The name comes from the Latin word "granatum" meaning "seed"
  • It is said that Noah hung a large garnet in the Ark for illumination
  • Garnets are said to give guidance in the night by protecting you from nightmares and promoting good sleep
  • Some believe they even promote true love, and warn you of any danger by changing its colour
  • As a representative of faith, garnets were also believed to provide the wearer with health and good fortune
  • Some say garnets give the wearer a calming influence by healing and purifying the body
  • Garnets are found in the USA, Africa, Sri Lanka, Brazil and India. Big red "Anthill" garnets can also be found in Arizona, USA.

Get the Look with F.Hinds Garnet Jewellery

Style tip: Garnet jewellery pieces are beautiful on their own, but match them with other garnet jewellery pieces for a striking and consistent look...

1. 9ct Gold Pear and Garnet and Diamond Stud Earrings
2. 9ct Gold Two Colour Garnet and Diamond Teardrop Necklace
3. Rolled Gold Silver Cubic Zirconia and Garnet Bangle
4. 9ct Gold Oval Garnet and Diamond Ring

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