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How to Choose the Perfect Jewellery Gift for Her

Posted on: 12/12/2017

A gift of jewellery is something that shows love and commitment. Whether you’re buying a piece of jewellery for your other half or buying it for a good friend, jewellery is always personal and well received. You may already know that you want to buy her a precious jewellery gift, but you might not know where to start. There a lot of points to consider when you’re buying a piece of jewellery for someone, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed, we’ve put together this guide to walk you through the process!

A Good Starting Point

It’s good to start simple. Take notice of what she wears during the day and for special occasions. Does she wear necklaces often? Does she wear bracelets only when she goes out for dinner? Or does she wear rings every day regardless of the occasion? Finding out the answers to these sorts of questions will give you a big clue of what she likes. You could also look at her ears – does she have her ears pierced? If yes, does she wear earrings? If she does then this is another clue for you!

If she wears necklaces then you’ll need to find out what she likes. Does she prefer something dainty or something that has more of a statement? Here’s an example of what a dainty necklace looks like vs. a statement necklace:

Clogau Silver And 9ct Rose Gold Tree Of Life Circle Necklace Guess UBN84003 Dream Girl Necklace - J42106

A dainty necklace may have a few small stones and patterns, whereas a statement necklace has a lot more going on.

Another point to consider is the length of the chain. Notice the length of the chains she wears. Are they short or long? If short, she will probably prefer a 16 inch or an 18 inch chain. If long, she may prefer a 20 inch or a 22 inch chain. It’s good to remember that the standard necklace chain length is 18 inch too.

Our Quoins range might be perfect for her if she wears long chain necklaces. We have a number of different chain colours, lengths and sizes, with a choice of pendants to mix and match with. It’s super simple!

Quoins at F.Hinds

If she wears bracelets then you’ll need to have a look at what style. There are lots of types to choose from, but the most popular types are bangle, chain, pearl and slider. You can have a look at the pictures below for an idea:

Rolled Gold Rounded Edge Hinged Bangle - G8615 9ct Gold Heart Charm T-Bar Belcher Bracelet - 7.5in - G8318

9ct Gold Freshwater Pearl Bracelet - 7.5in - J9510 Anne Klein Rose Tone Crystal Slider Bracelet - J7896

You could also check if she has a charm bracelet. These look like plain chain bracelets with pendants (also known as charms) attached to them. If you wanted to get her something small, a charm for her charm bracelet would be a great idea! We sell a mixture of charms as well as initials and St. Christopher’s. If she doesn’t have one yet, maybe it’s time she should!

9ct Gold Hollow Unicorn Charm 9ct Gold Script Initial A 9ct Gold Cut Out St. Christopher Medallion - 14mm - G5378

If she has her ears pierced what type of earrings does she wear? From drops to studs, there are so many different styles available. Take notice of what style she prefers too, maybe she likes a statement pair of earrings, or maybe she has small ear lobes and prefers to wear studs.

9ct Gold Garnet Drop Earrings - 17mm drop - G1814 Clogau Silver And 9ct Rose Gold Butterfly Earrings - G4458 9ct Gold Extra Large Lightweight Hoop Earrings - 50mm - G2074 9ct Gold Oval Twisted Creole Earrings - 21mm - G4304

If she wears a lot of rings then you could buy her one of our lovely dress rings. If you don’t know what her finger size is don’t worry! We offer a free 30 day ring sizing service so once she’s opened her presents she can pop into her local F.Hinds branch to get measured and we’ll re-size it for her free of charge.

It can be tricky to pick a ring for someone, but take note of what she already wears. Does she wear thumb rings? Does she wear rings with wide bands or thin bands? Does she have stones in her rings, and if so, what colour are the stones? Here are a few examples to get you started:

9ct Gold Garnet And Diamond Ring - D8411 9ct White Gold Wavy Diamond Ring - 5pts - D7273 9ct Three Colour Gold Diamond Crossover Ring - 10pts - D8096

9ct Rose Gold Off Set Diamond Ring - D7813 9ct White Gold Diamond Bow Ring - D6858 9ct White Gold Double Loop Diamond Ring - 8pts - D7008

If you’re planning a surprise engagement then this Christmas will be super magical for the both of you. Read our guide on how to find the perfect engagement ring to start your search for the ideal ring!

Have you decided on a specific jewellery piece yet? Consider where she’s going to wear her new piece. Will it be something she wears every day, or will it be something she only wears on special occasions?

Choosing the Metal Colour

So now you’ve got an idea of what jewellery piece you want to buy her for Christmas, you need to decide on the type of metal that it’ll be made from. The most popular metal types are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, as well as different coloured plating. Yellow gold is traditional and is always popular, you can’t go wrong! White gold is a modern chrome-like colour that gives the look of platinum at a cheaper price. Rose gold is stylish and is the colour of Autumn/Winter, which makes it the ideal metal for her to wear over the Christmas period all the way into spring time. Other metals like platinum and palladium are strong, bright and durable and they’re more commonly used in rings rather than necklaces or bracelets.

9ct Gold Mini Diamond Cluster Ring - R0904 9ct White Gold Cubic Zirconia Princess Cut Trilogy Ring - R6506 9ct Rose Gold Princess Cut Cubic Zirconia Ring - R5913

Choosing a Stone

By now you’ll have noticed if she has different coloured stones set into her current jewellery pieces or not. Have any colours stood out to you? Does she have a lot of dark red stones? Or does she seem to like green stones?

If you want to pick something with a stone in, it’ll be nice to choose her favourite colour or her birthstone colour. You can have a look at our birthstone guide to figure out which stone her birthday month is.

Our most popular gemstones are ruby, sapphire, emerald, tanzanite and blue topaz. Click on the pictures below to shop or different gemstones:

9ct Gold Oval Ruby And Diamond Stud Earrings - G0910 My Diamonds Silver Sapphire And Diamond Necklace - 15pts - D90111

9ct White Gold Tanzanite And Diamond Stud Earrings - D9472 9ct White Gold Blue Topaz And Diamond Trilogy Ring - 6pts - D7921 9ct Gold Emerald And Diamond Pendant And Chain - R8335

You don’t have to choose a gemstone or a birthstone, you can choose diamond too. If in doubt – go for something neutral!

18ct White Gold 1 Carat Diamond Solitaire Ring - Certificated - D1507 9ct White Gold One In A Million Pink And White Diamond Heart Necklace - 10pts - D7894 My Diamonds Silver Black And White Diamond Cluster Ring - 1/3ct - D9096

Branded Jewellery

We stock a huge range of branded jewellery pieces that would be ideal if she adores a specific brand. Choose from brands like Guess, Clogau, Fiorelli, My Diamonds, Bronzallure, Briolette, Skagen and more.

Guess UBB82105L All About Shine Rose Tone Crystal Heart Bracelet - J42707 Clogau Silver And 9ct Rose Gold Tree Of Life Diamond Bow Earrings - G4422 Fiorelli E4940 Two Tone Elipse Hook Wire Earrings - J8250 My Diamonds Silver Diamond Twisted Pendant And Chain - D9944

Bronzallure Rose Quartz Rolo Necklace - J7904 Briolette Silver And Rose Plated Diamond Cut Bracelet - J7718 Skagen SKJ0821791 Sea Glass Rose Tone Necklace - A70118

Top Tips

  • Try and take a picture of her jewellery box when she’s not looking, then you can refer back to it
  • If you can’t take a picture, write down some quick notes on your phone of what jewellery she is wearing for what occasion
  • Ask her general questions like “What’s your favourite colour” or “Do you prefer yellow or white gold?”
  • Look up her birthday to find out what gemstone goes with her birthday month
  • If you’re in a shopping centre, conveniently walk past an F.Hinds branch and have a look in one of our windows!

Make it Personal

A lot of our rings and select pieces can be engraved, so if you want to make it even more personal you could consider engraving a note or initials on the jewellery piece. It’ll make her gift that little bit more special. If you're interested in engraving, please enquire about this in store.

The Finishing Touches

Once you’ve decided which beautiful jewellery piece you’re getting her, finish off the gift with one of our lovely gift boxes. We also stock a range of Town Talk Jewellery Cleaning Products that would go lovely with a brand new jewellery piece – she can use these on her other jewellery items too!

Luxury Wooden Ring Box - S6002 Town Talk Exquisite Jewel Sparkle - S4001 Diamond Foil Small Gift Packaging - S9062

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