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How to accessorise on your wedding day

Posted on: 26/04/2021

It goes without saying that you’ll want to look the part on your wedding day. So, complete your outfit with some stunning pieces of jewellery. 

Accessorising for the occasion really helps to take your appearance to the next level, letting you truly stand out in the way you deserve to. You’ll have no trouble finding elegant pieces, either, as we have an extensive array of wedding jewellery to peruse. In fact, you might find yourself spoilt for choice.

To make sure you look as good as you feel during your big moment, we’ve created a quick guide on how to accessorise on the day.

Brides: Match Metals with Your Gown

There are countless ways for brides to enhance their wedding ensemble. The variety of jewels available let you fully express yourself. However, to ensure you dazzle your guests, there are a few things you should reflect on.

Firstly, you must take your gown into account when choosing your accessories. The outfit you wear as you walk down the aisle should be the dress of your dreams. Your jewellery should draw attention to it, rather than overshadowing or clashing with it.

Consider which colours and metals will match your gown perfectly. If you’ve opted for a traditional bright white dress, the best pairing will likely be silver. For off-white gowns, rose gold and pearls will work well, too, while ivory dresses can be accompanied with gold.

Brides: Pair Earrings With your Hair

Think about how your hair will be styled on the day itself and choose a set of wedding earrings to match. If you’re going shorter or planning to get your hair pinned up, then studs, loops and hoops are ideal. 

Or, if you’ll be leaving it long and styling it accordingly, purchase drop-down pieces; these will still be seen amongst your flowing locks.

Grooms: Strive for Subtlety

For grooms adding the finishing touches to their outfit, subtlety is key. 

You should aim to pick accessories that provide an extra hint of flair, without overwhelming the rest of your suit. Cufflinks are an excellent way of doing this. Not only do they give an air of sophistication, but incorporate your personality into your outfit. 

If you’re a loyal football fan, it may be worth sporting your club’s cufflinks. Alternatively, opt for something personal that relates to your partner, family or birthplace. Then, consider fixing a smart tie slide to your suit. Simply select one that goes with the other metals you are wearing. 

Remember, a pristine pocket watch will also add a spot of class to your ensemble.

Discover Your Dream Wedding Jewellery

Explore our impressive range of wedding jewellery, today. Or, browse the rest of the F.Hinds blog to read more helpful guides ahead of your big day.

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