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Introducing our High Street By Design Winners 2017

Posted on: 12/09/2017

It's the 4th September and we're at International Jewellery London sipping drinks in the champagne bar ready to meet our fantastic High Street By Design winners. We have a table of refreshments and snacks ready and a lovely display of bespoke jewellery pieces, pieces that were creatively designed by the High Street By Design winners months earlier. The time had come to officially present the winners with their self-designed jewellery pieces. How exciting! Up to this point, they’d only imagined what their jewellery pieces would look like through designs on paper. Today is the day that they get to see their designs as fully made pieces, and they get to proudly stand alongside our director Jeremy as he presents their pieces to them!

"What exactly is High Street By Design?" We had a feeling you'd ask this question! 7 years ago we partnered up with International Jewellery London (the UKs leading trade event for the international jewellery industry) with the aim of creating a new way for the public to express themselves and create their dream piece of jewellery. Together, we formed the High Street By Design Competition. We made the competition open to absolutely anyone internationally, and we picked winners from a range of categories; under 18, over 18, student designer and current jewellery designer. The competition has now been running for 7 years!

The Winners

Under 18's Category

Jack Fox, 8, from Montacute, Somerset with his "Sparkling Star" Necklace

"I was inspired to create my necklace the ’Sparkling Star’ as I am always doing art; drawing and making things out of material. Using the stars in my design I chose as they felt very unique and everlasting, special for people to wear."

Over 18's Category

Pooja Singh, from Swindon, Wiltshire with her "Whispering Lilies" Necklace

"The idea behind 'Whispering Lilies' was to make a commercially viable design which is wearable and something which any woman can carry with aplomb. Nature in itself is a huge source of inspiration so I derived my inspiration from the shape and form of the beautiful flower Lily."

Student Designer Category

Roger Maaraoui, 20, Lebanon with his "Strelitzia" Necklace & Earrings

"Strelitzia, also known as bird of paradise, is a flower that has inspired me for a long time. Since I was a child, I used to observe it and explore its beauty. My aim with the Strelitzia collection is to capture the lightness of the flower illustrated through graceful lines and a touch of colour."

Current Jewellery Designer Category

Elizabeth Finney, Preston, Lancashire with her "Orbital Ring"

"Inspired by the planet Saturn, the Orbit ring symbolises the way loved ones lives revolve around each other. Each white stone represents a moon or family member that interacts with the wearer. I have designed the ring so that the gold coloured settings around each of the stones act as flares of light reflected from the sun. Whilst Saturn's golden rings are depicted by wires wrapping around the main band and moons, thus showing the connections and commitments between loved ones."

All four of our winners were delighted to see their designs come to life for the first time. It was great to see the amazement on their faces! They not only get a sample of their designs, their pieces will also be distributed for sale in store and on our website. Each design comes with a limited edition certificate and a presentation box. The winners even get the option to design a complete collection alongside their original piece!

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