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The Perfect Engagement Ring for a Happy Marriage

Posted on: 13/04/2018

An engagement ring isn't just for a marriage proposal, it's also an important symbol of a couple's relationship. There's a lot to think about when you're choosing an engagement ring for your potential fiancé, and our research suggests that the ring you propose with has a lot more potential than you might think! As we love all things engagements here at F.Hinds, we thought we'd do some research into how a ring could signal the start of a long and happy union...

Our Public Engagement Survey

To find out how important the choice of engagement ring is on a relationship, we called on the great British public to help us out.

We asked the public a number of questions like 'Would you risk upsetting your fiancé by telling them you didn't like your new engagement ring?' and 'What would you do with an unwanted ring after a separation or divorce?' We also looked into over 30+ high profile engagements and divorces to work out which rings are successful, and equally, which rings aren't. And at the end, we came up with an idea of what the perfect engagement ring looks like.

The Results

Over half of the people we surveyed said that they'd be honest with their partner if they didn't like the engagement ring that was chosen for them. Maybe the British public are more honest than we originally thought!

We asked the public to be completely honest about their rings and we found that some people hated their ring, particularly in the Manchester and Glasgow area. But the big question is, did they own up to it? Not everyone did. The nicest people, who were the least likely to speak up, were in the south-east and central England, and the most honest were in Northern Ireland, with 70% of people telling their fiancés the truth about hating the ring.

What Would you do with an Unwanted Ring?

Of course, you don't expect things to take a turn for the worst when you're newly engaged, but unfortunately life can throw some curveballs at us sometimes.

So, what would people do with an unwanted engagement ring after a separation or divorce? From our survey results, it looks like ex-partners shouldn’t expect their rings back anytime soon...We found that:
  1. 42% of people would sell the ring
  2. 36% would keep it
  3. 15% of people would destroy it
  4. 7% would re-use the ring for their next partner

The cities where engagement rings were most likely to be recycled were for the lucky ladies in Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

Have you seen that ring before? You probably have... on eBay! The places that were most likely to put their ex-partner's rings on eBay were Glasgow, Bristol, Norwich, Liverpool and Nottingham!

Who's your Engagement Ring Inspiration?

When we asked the public about their perfect ring, 21% of people admitted that they were influenced by the engagement rings of their favourite celebs. This was the highest for couples aged between 25 and 44, with 68% aspiring to have an engagement ring based on a celebrity's.

So it made sense for our next step to be a closer look at whether there was a correlation between these celebrity rings and their marriages.

We carefully analysed over 30 celebrity marriages, both successful and unsuccessful, to see if their engagement ring had anything to do with how long their marriages last. From there, we worked out the type of rings that were associated with the happiest celebrity marriages. Here are the results...

What's the Best Engagement Ring?

Using the research we gathered from our favourite celebrity couples, we found that the best type of metals, in order, that equal a happy marriage are:
  1. Platinum
  2. Gold
  3. White Gold
The most popular ring stone cuts for happy celebs are:
  1. Round Brilliant
  2. Emerald
  3. Oval
And the best stones are:
  1. Diamonds
  2. Blue Gemstones
  3. Yellow Gemstones

So, there you have it! Our results show that the engagement ring you should say 'I do' to is a platinum ring, with a round cut diamond. But don't worry if your other half isn't too keen, there's plenty more to choose from in our beautiful collection of engagement rings!
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