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White vs Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

Posted on: 26/04/2021

Now that you’re engaged, there are countless reasons to be excited about your future as a couple. Planning your special day will be at the forefront of your mind and you’ll be eager to start shopping for wedding rings.

It’s important to understand the different types of wedding rings that are available. After all, there are several opulent options to choose from, which is why we’ve created this helpful blog post. 

What is the Difference Between White and Yellow Gold?

The key difference between white and yellow gold wedding rings is the colour, so you firstly need to ask yourself which you prefer the look of. White gold has a brighter, lighter hue, whereas yellow gold is beautifully brassy. 

Of course, the type of gold you opt for depends solely on your personal preference. Consider certain factors, including your style and skin tone. White gold generally complements those with a fairer complexion, while yellow, or even rose gold, corresponds well with warmer skin tones. 

If you would like your wedding band to feature gemstones, this should also play a part in your decision, since different stones pair with different metals. Remember, your partner’s wedding ring doesn’t need to match yours; plenty of couples mix and match.

Think About Your Daily Tasks 

You’ll likely want to wear this ring every day of your life, keeping it looking just as good as the first day you purchased it. So, you must consider what it’ll come into contact with and how you can maintain its sparkling condition for longer.

White Gold

White gold wedding rings are elegant and on-trend. This metal has the same appearance as platinum, but with a more affordable price tag. Although, it is worth noting that the rhodium plating will wear off over time, especially if you work at a job that involves frequent hand washing or handling chemicals.

For this reason, white gold rings need a little extra care, but if you are one to keep on top of your jewellery, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold wedding rings are classic, gorgeous and made of relatively strong metal. This gold is hypoallergenic, too, because it usually doesn’t contain nickel. This is certainly beneficial for those of you who are prone to eczema or allergic reactions.


It could be worth purchasing a palladium wedding ring if you or your partner work a manual job. This is a hard-wearing metal that can sustain a great deal of damage, such as scratches.

Find Your Perfect Style

Now, it’s time to explore our remarkable range of white and yellow gold wedding rings and decide on the best fit for you. Also, ensure you read our other useful articles about eye-catching jewellery, wonderful wedding venues and much more.

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