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Your Valentine's Date Night Look

Posted on: 09/02/2018

If you and your Valentine are planning a romantic evening on February 14th then you’ll definitely want to look as dreamy as you feel! Whether you’re going out for a posh meal or staying in with a takeaway and a bottle of wine, you’ll need to style your jewellery look to suit the mood. Sit back while we help you find a pretty jewellery look to wear on your Valentine’s date that is guaranteed to impress your significant other…

A Romantic Stroll

OK so it’s a little cold but that doesn’t stop the two of you going on a romantic stroll through the city or the countryside! Just make sure you wrap up warm first.

We love rose gold, and it really is the most romantic metal type. We think it’s pretty much made for Valentine’s Day because of those rosy tones, plus it’ll look gorgeous in the sunset.

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A Posh Restaurant

If you and your Valentine have a quiet table reserved for a meal at a posh restaurant, then you might want to add a bit of colour to your outfit. Red is always the obvious colour for a valentine’s date night, and red gemstone jewellery adds just that! Garnets and rubies are our favourites!

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A Contemporary Bar

The more modern couple may have their date in a contemporary bar with some fancy cocktails! If this is you, then Bronzallure jewellery would be perfect! Made from bronze coloured metal, Bronzallure jewellery is also plated in a unique rose gold mix and it never loses its colour!

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A Night In

Maybe you want to stay in the warm and save a little bit of money. Don’t worry though, this definitely doesn’t mean that you can’t have a date night! Sometimes a night in with a takeaway and a bottle of wine is best, especially if you don’t finish work until late.

You might prefer to wear something dainty and relaxed to match your cosy night in! Subtle silver love hearts and small hints of rose gold are the ideal metals for a chilled night.

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