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Your Valentine's Date Night Look

If you and your Valentine are planning a romantic evening on February 14th then you’ll definitely want to look as dreamy as you feel! Whether you’re going out for a posh meal or staying in with a takeaway and a bottle of wine, you’ll need to style your jewellery look to suit the mood. Sit back while we help you find a pretty jewellery look to wear on your Valentine’s date that is guaranteed to impress your significant other…
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False Proposals - It Happens More Than You Might Think

Whether you’ve been together for ten months or ten years, planning a proposal can be a stressful experience for any man or woman. But waiting patiently for one isn’t fun either, and you could be expecting to hear those all-important four words during every day trip or holiday…
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Stylish Valentine’s Watch Gifts for Him and for Her by STORM

The most romantic day of the year is not far away and we have some amazing watch gift ideas for you. If your Valentine is super-stylish then a watch from STORM would be absolutely perfect! Whether it’s the unique straps, the colourful faces or the romantic rose-gold tones, our STORM watch collection has something special for a Valentine that wants to stand out from the crowd.
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Valentine’s Gift Inspiration for Her

From jewellery to watches, there’s a lot of choice for Valentine’s gifts out there. It can be hard to decide what to buy for your significant other when you have what seems like a sea of gift ideas to choose from! It’s easy to go for the unsurprising box of chocolates or flowers every year, but this year you might want to change things up a bit and treat them to something a little more personal. If this is you, then you’re in the right place! Follow along our guide for essential Valentine’s Day gift inspiration for her.
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What You Didn't Know About Diamonds

As one of the most precious gems around today, diamonds are uniquely beautiful stones. As a nation we celebrate so many different milestones - from engagements to weddings, and birthdays to special anniversaries, you can bet that diamonds will make an appearance in our lives somewhere along the way! Even though we’ve seen them, owned them and treasured them, there’s still a lot that we don’t know! Read on to discover what you didn’t know about diamonds.
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