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Brand Spotlight - Anne Klein

“Clothes won’t change the world. The women who wear them will.” – Anne Klein. Learn all about Anne Klein's branding, inspirations and fashion pieces...
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Amethyst - February's Birthstone

With their bright violet colours, amethysts are said to be a symbol of peace, protection and tranquillity.
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Pretty Love Heart Necklaces Perfect for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is dedicated to the celebration of romance, so the love heart symbol is going to be everywhere. Why not join in and wear them for your Valentine’s Day date or gift one to your partner?
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Garnet - January's Birthstone

Garnets are vivid gemstones that symbolise faith, eternity, trust, friendship and truth, making them the ideal stone to start the New Year with!
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Style Spotlight - Pretty Cubic Zirconia Rings

There are so many ring styles to choose from, but if you’re just looking to treat yourself to something small then why not have a look at our pretty cubic zirconia rings? Cubic zirconia rings are precious, stylish and completely budget friendly.
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