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Spring and Summer 2018 Jewellery Trends

Even though the British weather has been all over the place the past two weeks, we can't help but get excited for spring and summer anyway! The flowers are beginning to sprout, the clocks have changed and our personalities are starting to feel that little bit more vibrant. With a new season comes new trends, and we can't wait to show you what jewellery trends spring and summer 2018 has to bring us...
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Onsite Jewellery Repairs at F.Hinds Basildon

If you need your jewellery repaired but you don’t have much time, or if you’re looking for some professional jewellery advice, then pop into F.Hinds Basildon! We’ve just opened our jewellery repair workshop, where our qualified jeweller will be onsite 5 days a week to offer you a quick turnaround on all of your jewellery repair needs.
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Limit Secret Garden - Mother's Day

We can’t believe it’s almost Mother’s Day, it feels like Valentine’s Day was only last week and Christmas was the week before! If Mother’s Day has managed to creep up on you this year there’s absolutely no need to panic. You’re definitely not the only one.
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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Make sure you have Sunday 11th March marked in your diary because it’s a very special day - It’s Mothering Sunday! No doubt you want to treat your Mum to a lovely day out and a couple of small gifts, but don’t just settle for something simple. Find something your Mum will actually love using our Mother’s Day Gift Guide…
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A Diamond For Every Occasion

There's a reason why our ancestors believed that diamonds possessed great powers... they're one of the hardest gemstones in the world, and also the most pure! At F.Hinds we believe that everyone should own at least one of their own diamonds. Diamonds aren't just for engagements and romantic milestones, they can be given for any special occasion between lovers, friends and family members alike. Read on to find out how you can give the gift of a diamond....
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