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Looking After Your New Ear Piercings

Posted on: 26/07/2018

So you've chosen your ear piercing studs from our lovely range and you now have two beautiful new ear what's next? Aftercare of course!

Although it may not seem it, aftercare is actually the most important part of the ear piercing process. You need to look after your new piercing by keeping the stud and ear clean to promote the best possible healing. Our qualified ear piercer will have already provided you with your free bottle of aftercare soluation and given you the best cleaning tips and advice possible.

Here are a few important hints and tips to help you ensure your beautiful new piercing heals perfectly!

What Should I do?

  • Always clean your hands before touching your ears and earrings. We do not want introduce the risk of germs to your piercing
  • Use your free bottle of aftercare solution! Clean the front and back of your earrings and ear two to three times per day with a cotton bud or similar. You could do this every morning and every evening after brushing your teeth
  • Take time to clean your ears properly after washing your hair and try to avoid steam rooms and saunas for 48 hours after you've had your ears pierced
  • Whilst cleaning, take the time to rotate your earrings - half turn each way, making sure not to turn them round and round too much; we don't want any hair caught in the butterflies! Rotating the earrings is really important to help the piercing heal properly and reduce the risk of infection
  • Leave your earlobe piercing in for 6 weeks with aftercare followed throughout. The stud must not be changed during this time. If you have a cartilage piercing, then this must be followed for 12 weeks

What Should I Not Do?

  • There is no need to move the butterfly along the post, you can leave them exactly where they are. The earrings have safety backs to prevent them falling out and also maintain a healthy healing distance
  • Don't remove the butterfly as part of the cleaning, just use plenty of solution
  • After the 6 week healing period (or 12 weeks for cartilage piercings) don't leave earrings out for a prolonged period of time. Our bodies heal differently and your piercings may close up

By following our guidelines for post piercing care, you should enjoy a problem free ear piercing! It's quite normal for your ear to look a little red after the piercing has been done, or even feel a little hot and uncomfortable. This will soon fade.

Do remember that as part of our established service, if you have any questions about how to look after your ear piercings do speak with one of our trained ear piercing professionals in store.

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