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Valentine’s Gift Inspiration for Her

Posted on: 30/01/2018

From jewellery to watches, there's a lot of choice for Valentine's gifts out there. It can be hard to decide what to buy for your significant other when you have what seems like a sea of gift ideas to choose from! It's easy to go for the unsurprising box of chocolates or flowers every year, but this year you might want to change things up a bit and treat them to something a little more personal. If this is you, then you're in the right place! Follow along our guide for essential Valentine's Day gift inspiration for her.

Romantic Love Hearts

Nothing says "I love you" more than a gorgeous piece of love heart jewellery. These dreamy love heart pieces would really put the cherry on top of a personal Valentine's gift!

Stunning Matching Jewellery

These matching jewellery pieces can be worn both together and separately, but they're not just practical, they're pretty too!

Silver and Diamond Jewellery - My Diamonds®

My Diamonds® is a special range of silver and diamond jewellery that's modern, bright and affordable. Talk about the perfect combination! She may love diamonds, gemstones and other colourful pieces of jewellery, but if you're on a budget these might not be in your price range. If you're trying to save and surprise, a special piece from our My Diamonds range would be ideal!

Click here to browse our full My Diamonds® range, exclusive to F.Hinds.

Romantic Pink Diamonds - One in a Million™

Maybe it's a significant year for you and your partner, or maybe you have an anniversary or special life event that you want to celebrate together. If this is you, then a gift from our One in a Million™ pink diamond collection will be perfect. Pink diamonds are rarer than one in a million. The pink diamonds are the world's most fascinating gem so nothing else is as precious - apart from her of course! Pink diamonds have a unique beauty and rarity making them the ultimate token of love and affection.

Click here to browse our full One in a Million™ range, exclusive to F.Hinds.

Branded Jewellery Picks

If your lady loves a certain brand then you'll know she'll love their jewellery too! Take note of the brands she talks about and what she wears to get an idea.

Click here to shop our GUESS jewellery.

Click here to shop our Bronzallure jewellery.

Click here to shop our Fiorelli jewellery.

A Surprise Engagement

If you're planning to propose to the one you love this Valentine's Day, then you might want to read our blog post on How to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring. It'll walk you through the whole engagement ring buying process! Don't worry - it's not as scary as you think!

Click here to browse our engagement rings.

TIP - If you're still struggling to find that perfect jewellery piece, have a read of our
How to Find a Jewellery Gift for Her Guide. We'll talk you through the whole jewellery buying process. You can always pop into your local F.Hinds branchand speak to our jewellery specialists and have a browse!


Maybe she already has a lot of jewellery, or maybe she absolutely loves watches. Whatever the reason, a special watch would make a lovely gift for a lady who always loses track of the time! Does she love sparkle or does she prefer something a bit more subtle?


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Click here to browse all of our Valentine's gifts.

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