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One of the fundamental characteristics of titanium is its ability to naturally form a spectrum of beautiful iridescent surface colours when it is oxidised. The process is called anodic oxidation, although only a limited range of colours can be produced by applying heat to titanium.

The colours in the Ti2 coloured titanium collection range from black to vivid pink; each colour corresponding to a specific voltage that has been applied to the piece once it has been made. Many of the Ti2 designs are produced with a single colour from a range of 12 colours, but some pieces boast a rainbow effect whereby a large section of the spectrum is applied to the piece.

From stud earrings, drop earrings, bangles and necklaces, F.Hinds stocks a variety of design from the Ti2 collection. Hypoallergenic, lightweight and comfortable to wear, all designs have been hand crafted and hand finished by the expert Ti2 team in the UK.

Titanium is one of only three metals that physically changes colour under certain circumstances. When white light is refracted through a prism, the rainbow spectrum of colours which together form white light are revealed in all their glory. Through anodic oxidation, a microscopically thin, naturally occurring oxide layer forms over the titanium, which causes the same effect as revealed by a prism. In nature this same process can be seen in the magnificent colours of exotic birds, fish and dragonflies.

As one of the pioneers of this unique craft based technique, the Ti2 team have become experts in their ability to reproduce specific colours, finishes and textures using titanium. Their experience, developed over 30 years, is constantly being added to and refreshed by the discovery of new and innovative colouring methods.

Watch the video below to learn how the process works.

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