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Amethyst Fitted Wedding Ring

Posted on: 21/09/2017

The brief:

To design and manufacture a fitted wedding ring around an amethyst and diamond engagement ring.

The process:

Another classic job for our Design Team and Bespoke Design Service. The customer came to us with a gorgeous amethyst and diamond engagement ring - as you can see, quite intricate and unique. A wedding ring could certainly not be found on the high street for this...

Mirroring the five amethysts in the centre, the customer chose to have two more amethysts set into the yellow gold wedding band. This really pulls the bridal set together making the two rings appear like they were made for each other.

The customer chose the width of the wedding ring, of course the metal (which we advise matches the engagement ring), plus to have both edges of the wedding ring following the shape of the engagement ring. You can choose to have one side of the wedding ring flat and the other fitted, or both fully fitted as shown here.
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