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Bespoke Diamond Band Ring

Posted on: 03/08/2018

The brief:

To take the diamonds from three unworn trilogy rings and re-set them into a modern gold diamond band ring.



The process:

This customer was the owner of three, three stone diamond rings that were never worn, but they had the idea to take the stones and have them re-set into a modern wide band ring.

The unwanted diamond trilogy rings were old fashioned, tired-looking and too traditional for the customer, but the diamonds were of excellent quality so why waste them! The diamonds were also different sizes which could have presented some problems, however with a bespoke, handmade gold mount, the bright white stones were able to individually sit in their own rubover settings.

Rubover settings are safe, smooth and modern-looking and are a popular choice. The stones sit in a circle of metal which is then folded over the edges at the widest point. This differs from a claw set gemstone where only 4, 6 or 8 small bits of metal deilcately grip just a few points of the stones edge. Rubover settings are popular with some wearers as they are easier to wear (they shouldn't catch on clothes), keep the stones cleaner and can last longer with less upkeep.

We think this is a really fantastic design that shows off the stones to their maximum. Comfortable to wear, secure and completely bespoke, the ring will be a real talking point.


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