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Bespoke Patterned Wedding Ring

Posted on: 30/08/2017

The brief:

To add a specific pattern to a gold wedding ring to replicate one that was lost.

The process:

This was a lovely job to work on and one that made the customer very happy indeed! They sadly lost their wedding ring and could not get it replaced from the same retailer, but our Bespoke Design Service was here to help.

The customer chose a 7mm wide, plain 18ct yellow gold from our wedding ring catalogue which arrived in a matter of weeks, plus it arrived with a hallmark so no further delays. Using photos supplied by the customer, we were able to engrave exactly the same pattern into it using a specially crafted machine.

We do stock numerous yellow gold patterned wedding rings but if you want a particular pattern or engraving, don't feel like you have to choose from what is available 'off the shelf'.
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