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Bespoke Pear Halo Cluster Engagement Ring

Posted on: 20/06/2018

The brief:

To take the diamonds from two unworn rings and re-set them into a bespoke pear halo cluster engagement ring.



The process:

The customer was the owner of two white gold diamond rings that they didn't wear, but had the idea to take the diamonds and re-set them into a pear cluster ring. With the large pear solitaire in the centre surrounded by eleven round brilliant cut stones, the design became halo cluster - an engagement ring style we are seeing becoming increasingly popular.

A halo cluster is when a central stone is larger and raised above a surrounding 'halo' of smaller stones. This is slightly different to a cluster ring where the stones in the cluster are usually the same size, or only varying slightly in size and without being raised. Halo cluster rings can be any shape; round, oval, square, cushion and pear like this design, and all make lovely engagement rings.

The mount for this bespoke design had to be handmade to accomodate the specific size of stones, which did increase the price slightly but as you can see, the end result is really worth it - absolutley stunning, completely unique and with sentimental value.


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