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Bespoke Sapphire Pendant & Earrings Set

Posted on: 26/07/2017

The brief:

To take sapphires and diamonds from a couple of unwanted rings and set them into a bespoke butterfly pendant and drop earrings set.

The process:

The customer came into store with a couple of sapphire and diamond rings that they no longer wore. Their idea was fantastic - to remove the stones and reset them into wearable pieces of jewellery. Sadly we are unable to re-use gold taken from unwanted jewellery, but stones is no problem as long they're not damaged.

With their butterfly idea in mind, our Sales Team came back to them with sketches for this open pendant and drop earrings set. The customer's sapphires have been used for the butterfly's body, the antenna (finished with attractive rose plating) and in the matching drop earrings, whilst the diamonds have been used on the wings and to create a couple of clusters for the drop earrings.

The butterfly pendant boasts a couple hidden pendant holes round the back so a white gold chain can be threaded through and the earrings feature safe and secure snap shut fittings.
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