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Bespoke Silver Key And Coin Pendants

Posted on: 10/08/2017

The brief:

To manufacture a silver key replica plus a silver count mount for a sixpence, both intended to be worn as pendants.

The process:

A fairly simple process for the first pendant; we manufactured an exact replica of a key in sterling silver. The customer wanted it the same size, with exactly the same intricacy and fastenings; we doubt it would work in the same lock though as the metal would be much softer than usual!

The coin mount was slightly more difficult as every single element had to be hand crafted by an expert goldsmith. Started from scratch, cut out and finished by hand, the mount actually works and can be opened should the customer wish to put a different coin in there (would have to be the same size).

Once finished, all that remained was to add a couple of pendant loops and for the customer to choose a couple of silver chains from our extensive collection.

GUIDE PRICE: £600 each

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