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Bespoke Silver Pendants

Posted on: 28/06/2017

The brief:

To design and manufacture three bespoke silver pendants from scratch.

The process:

A lovely design story here where the customer was able to design three unique pendants completely from scratch for their three children. After popping into store to discuss their requirements, our manufacturer produced sketches* for the three designs which the customer approved at a later date in store.

Three different flower/heart designs were created in silver and a cubic zirconia was placed in the centre which finishes off the designs and brings them all together as a set. All the customer then had to do was to choose suitable silver chains from our extensive collection.

We think these designs are really lovely and the perfect way to capture three personalities and styles.

*If you do not proceed with the design, sadly you cannot keep the sketches as they are the property of F.Hinds.
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