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Convert Brooch To Sapphire And Diamond Ring & Earrings

Posted on: 31/05/2018

The brief:

To take stones from an unworn sapphire and diamond brooch and re-set them into a bespoke ring and stud earrings gift set.



The process:

The customer was the owner of a really lovely, Art Deco inspired sapphire and diamond brooch, however it was something they never really saw themself wearing. Their vision? To remove the stones and re-set them into a completely bespoke white gold cluster band ring and matching stud earrings gift set. This proved to be an excellent way to continue wearing sentimental pieces, but have them tailor made to individual styles.



Removing the stones from the brooch was a fairly simple job but as the new ring design was so unique, the mount was completely handmade from scratch. Copying the design from the ends of the brooch - where one larger diamond is edged with a flower-like curve of diamonds - this pattern then formed the central part of the cluster band ring. The square stud earrings are formed from a single princess cut sapphire surrounded with diamonds - elegant, unqiue and completely bespoke.

In the end, we used most of the diamonds but only six out of the ten princess cut sapphires, so the customer still has some beautiful stones left over they may want re-set into a matching necklace perhaps!

We are told the customer is absolutely delighted; "A wonderful result, the brooch belonged to my Mum and I have never worn it. Now I can wear most of it all the time! Thanks F.Hinds."


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