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Diamond Cut Fitted Wedding Ring

Posted on: 18/12/2017

The brief:

To design and manufacture a white gold diamond cut fitted wedding ring to fit perfectly around large diamond cluster engagement ring.

The process:

This customer came to us as they were struggling to find a wedding ring that would fit around their beautiful, large diamond cluster engagement ring. Straight edged wedding rings simply aren't an option when you have a large or fancy shaped engagement ring as often, an unsightly gap is left when the two are worn together.

This customer opted for a slim, 2mm wide wedding ring with a pretty diamond cut pattern and beaded edges. This not only dramamtically kept costs down, it meant a shorter manufacturing time plus they could have the ring as slim as they wanted; if diamonds are chosen, we would recommend a wedding ring at least 3mm wide in order to accomodate the stones.

We think this works so well! A plain wedding ring would perhaps not have suited the style of the engagement ring, plus diamonds in the wedding ring may have made the complete bridal set look 'over the top'. This diamond cut option is somewhere in between the two.


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