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Fitted Wedding Ring

Posted on: 22/06/2017

The brief:

To design and manufacture a plain fitted gold wedding ring to fit perfectly alongside a ruby and diamond cluster engagement ring.

The process:

This customer was lucky enough to receive one of our lovely ruby and diamond cluster engagement rings but was struggling to find a suitable matching wedding ring. This engagement ring boasts a large head and therefore a straight edged, standard wedding ring was leaving an unsightly gap between the two rings.

The customer popped into one of our stores and with a trained staff member, discussed possible wedding ring options. The metal was chosen (9ct yellow gold to match the engagement ring), as well as the pattern (plain in this case, but wedding rings can often be set with stones or have a pattern etched into them) and importantly, the width. We usually recommend the wedding ring to be the same width, if not slightly wider than the engagement ring: we find this works best visually, plus ensures the wedding ring lasts for a lifetime.

Once the customer approved the final design in store by means of manufacturer sketches, their engagement ring was sent to the supplier who took roughly 3 weeks to produce a perfectly fitted wedding ring. The two rings were then polished to produce a matching finish, all ready for the big day.
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