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Garnet Ring Stone Swap

Posted on: 26/02/2016

The brief:

To take an existing 9ct gold garnet ring and replace the stone with a ruby.

The process:

This is a reasonably straight forward job for our goldsmith as the shape, setting and look of the ring stays the same; we simply removed one stone and replaced it with another. Depending on the ring and setting, we can sometimes do this work free of charge; it would just be the new stone we would charge for.

First we needed to understand what grade of ruby the customer was looking for. A selection of rubies (varying in quality and price) were sourced from our stone supplier for the customer to approve in store. Once selected, the ring and the ruby was sent to a specialist stone setter and the garnet was replaced with the chosen ruby.

'Stone swapping' using our standard stock items is a great way to personalise a piece of jewellery without going down the route of hand making something from scratch - which would be unnecessarily costly. It's a great idea to consider if you are looking for jewellery set with a more unusual gemstone.
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