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Re-Set Precious Gemstone Into Ring

Posted on: 08/06/2017

The brief:

To design and manufacture a 9ct yellow gold ring using the customer's precious gemstone.

The process:

The customer came to us with a very sentimental gemstone that they wanted re-set into a modern and wearable piece of jewellery. The customer preferred yellow gold - and we totally agree this is the perfect complementing metal - and also confirmed they wanted it set into a ring.

Of course any sort of jewellery would have been possible here; a stud earring, a bracelet or necklace, but with its lovely oval shape, the stone sits really nicely on the finger. The customer chose a plain 'rub-over' setting which is not only modern, but also very safe. Here the gold setting completely encases the stone, unlike a claw setting which can sometimes get caught. The design is finished with the lovely tapered shoulders and comfortable solid band.

In the end a lovely way to rejuvenate those unused gemstones from your jewellery box.
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