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Replica Gold Cuff Ring

Posted on: 17/09/2018

The brief:

To design and manufacture a gold cuff ring to exactly match a costume jewellery ring.

The process:

This customer was the owner of a base metal cuff ring which they enjoyed wearing so much they wished to have it manufactured in 9ct gold. Base metal jewellery does tend to leave unsightly black or green marks on the wearers skin, especially if the jewellery is worn all the time so it made sense to have this well-loved design manufactured in a precious metal.

A mould was made of the base metal ring which meant we could produce an exact replica ring in any metal - this customer chose 9ct yellow gold. The manufacturers were careful to ensure all markings were clear and precise and once produced, the ring was sent to the Assay Office to be hallmarked.

Cuff rings are cleverly designed as their slight opening means they can be opened and closed (with care) to fit the desired finger. This can only be achieved with a soft, precious metal so it is likely the original base metal version could not be shaped to fit at all.


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