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Sapphire Ring Replacement

Posted on: 25/03/2016

The brief:

A sentimental ring was beyond repair and too fragile to wear; to supply a similar ring but use the same stones if possible.

The process:

For this design, the customer was keen to update the look of their ring but keep their original sapphires for sentimental reasons.

Using our database of thousands of designs, we found a style very similar to the original ring that would fit the same three sapphires. Once the customer was happy with this new design our goldsmiths carefully removed the old stones before setting them into the new mount, along with four smaller diamonds (not from original ring) for added sparkle.

Our customer had realised it was not economically viable to repair their original ring but by using the original stones kept that sentimentality of the old with the practicality of the new. The owner now has a ring that can be worn regularly and was delighted with the result - we certainly think this was the most sensible thing to do in this case.
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