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Tanzanite Engagement Ring

Posted on: 01/12/2015

The brief:

To replicate a heavier weight, 18ct white gold version of an existing 9ct white gold tanzanite and diamond ring we sell.

The process:

As a starting point, we supplied our goldsmiths with an existing 9ct white gold tanzanite and diamond ring from our stock. The customer wanted to develop this into a heavier weight version in 18ct white gold.

Whilst waiting on drawings to come through, we sourced a pear shaped tanzanite for the customer to view and approve in store. Once the stone was selected, the goldsmiths proceeded with the design and manufactured an exact replica.

The result was a handmade, unique engagement ring that was exactly what the customer was looking for. This is a great way to take a design that you have seen and tweak it to your exact specifications; most of our diamond rings can be made in any metal you desire and with any gemstone.

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