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Two Colour Diamond Fitted Wedding Ring

Posted on: 05/01/2018

The brief:

To design and manufacture a two colour gold diamond set wedding ring to fit perfectly alongside a two colour diamond engagement ring.

The process:

A very striking wedding ring design here, helped along by our experienced Online Sales Team at head office. If you don't live near an F.Hinds branch where you can freely discuss your designs and drawings, together with our Online Team we can bring your ideas to reality via the virtues of email!

This turned out to be a particularly complicated design for us - espeically as we did not meet the customer face to face, however through lengthy online correspondance, a member of our Team produced a sketch to clarify the customers design. As it turned out, the customer wanted the white and yellow gold sections to be reversed; something that could not be easily explained in writing!

Once the design was finialised, we asked for the engagement ring to be sent to us (which we need for the entire 3-4 week process), and this and the design was sent on to our manufcaturers. With the diamonds set in the white gold section and the ring hallmarked, the new bridal set was returned to the customer by post - all done without the customer ever meeting anyone from F.Hinds!

If you're struggling to find a suitable wedding ring on the high street, please email us at if you have a design you want to discuss. However please note, as a first resort it is always recommended you head into a store if possible.


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