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Two Colour Gold Fitted Wedding Ring

Posted on: 17/05/2016

The brief:

To design an manufacture a fitted wedding ring around an 18ct two colour gold twist engagement ring.

The process:

Another lovely job to work on as the customer was really struggling to find a suitable wedding ring to match their unusual, single stone, 18ct two colour gold engagement ring. The engagement ring band was fairly weighty and wide plus with a large twist, so there was nothing in any jewellers remotely suitable.

We suggested a wide, 18ct two colour wedding band to match and the customer expressed an interest in adding some diamonds into the band to compliment the large engagement ring stone. We suggested just two diamonds set into either coloured side - so as not to distract from the main stone - and a wide wedding ring would be perfect to accommodate these.

They also wanted the white and yellow gold sections to mirror the engagement ring and join in exactly the same place - a good idea and no problem! The engagement ring, design brief and diamonds were sent of to the manufacturer  and Assay Office for hallmarking and 4 weeks later, this bespoke two colour wedding ring was finished: a perfect match.
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