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White Gold Fitted Wedding Ring

Posted on: 30/03/2018

The brief:

To design and manufacture a shaped white gold wedding ring to fit around a crossover diamond engagement ring.

The process:

The customer received this pretty diamond crossover engagement ring and was stuggling to find a wedding ring to fit alongside it. Most wedding rings have straight edges, with others boasting wishbone or curved edges, however there is rarely the opportunity to purchase a wedding ring designed specifically to sit with crossover engagement ring designs.

The customer wanted their wedding ring to have 3 diamonds set into the band which often dictates the width; it is easier to set diamonds into 3mm+ wedding rings. They also choose for it to be fully fitted - so shaped around both edges rather than keeping one edge straight, and we think this does work better overall. With the band cut out, the diamonds set and ring fully hallmarked, it was returned to one happy customer.

If you're struggling to find a wedding ring to fit around your engagement ring, please enquire about our Bespoke Design Service in any of our stores or email us at with your design ideas.


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