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F.Hinds's Diamond Buying History

F.Hinds have been jewellers for over 160 years, with George Henry Hinds opening the Harrow Road store in London Paddington in 1856. George's son William started buying diamonds directly from manufacturers around the turn of the 20th Century and similarly, William's son Frank used to buy loose diamonds both before WWII and afterwards: this was so they could offer the best value for money by removing the middlemen. Andrew Hinds (our current diamond buyer and Frank's grandson), continues to utilise this value-for-money buying technique today, which is why you will find all F.Hinds diamond prices to be very competitive.

Frank passed the diamond buying on to eldest son Eric in the late 1940s until his younger brother Roy took over in 1954. Whilst Eric went on to manage the property side of the business, Roy explored the diamond world and first went to the main diamond market in Antwerp in January 1959. He visited twice more that year and in fact, we are not aware of any other UK retailer visiting the Antwerp diamond market as early as this. Roy continued to visit three times a year with an estimated 60+ visits over the next two decades, until his youngest son Andrew took over in the 1990s.

Frank Hinds (1891 - 1963)

Making the Diamond Rings

Up until the 1960s, loose diamonds sourced from all over the world were set into rings by a single craftsman in Birmingham. However in the early fifties, rings were put together in the F.Hinds workshops and when the Birmingham goldsmith retired, we took on his work and were making most of the diamond rings in-house. Back then, engagement ring designs were classic and changed very little over the years so this was relatively straightforward.

Designs in those days were simple and traditional. When customer tastes became more adventurous we realised that, while we were experts in the high quality manufacturing of diamond solitaire rings, we were not specialists in manufacturing rings with multiple stones or those with a smaller diamond content; both styles which seemed to change more frequently.

Jewellery manufacturing expertise was spreading around the world meaning thousands of new styles were being produced every year, with design influences coming from many countries and cultures. As a result, fashions were changing much more rapidly including engagement ring designs and wedding jewellery which had historically remained very traditional. F.Hinds therefore started to source varied ring designs from across the globe to bring a choice to customers shopping on the UK high streets.

The FH Signature Collection

Throughout the decades, F.Hinds continued to ensure that the classic range of certificated diamond solitaire engagement rings were put together by hand in the UK, again by a single craftsman working at the bench in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.

Our large, certificated diamond solitaires form the FH Signature Collection: a stunning range of our most premuim diamond engagement rings. A senior goldsmith in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter (the largest centre of jewellery manufacturing excellence in the UK), still makes the FH Signature Collection rings exclusively for F.Hinds and excitingly, his son is starting to learn the trade at his shoulder.

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