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Diamond Ring Made From Unwanted Diamond Jewellery

Posted on: 16/06/2017

The brief:

To re-use diamonds from unworn jewellery to make a bespoke diamond ring.

The process:

The customer came to us with numerous pieces of unworn diamond jewellery with the idea to create their dream ring using the diamonds. We love this kind of bespoke design because working closely with customer's ideas and materials is what the F.Hinds Design Service is all about!

Taking the marquise cut (diamond shaped) diamond from the first ring and all the round brilliant cut diamonds from the eternity ring and bracelet, the customer worked closely with the staff in store to create this beautiful bespoke ring.

The marquise cut diamond forms the centre piece, with the round diamonds forming a halo cluster and diamond set shoulders. Look closely and you will notice the jewellery below has no stones in: the customer now has the choice to set new stones in it, or perhaps get cash or vouchers back as part of our Gold For Cash scheme.

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