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Emerald, Tanzanite & Diamond Ring

Posted on: 03/04/2018

The brief:

To take diamonds from two unwanted rings and set them into a new, wearable ring alongside an emerald and tanzanite.

The process:

The customer was the owner of two diamond solitaire rings that they hardly ever wore. Their vision? To take these diamonds and set them into a new, five stone ring alongside an emerald and tanzanite.

Taking the diamonds out was a relatively simple job; the goldsmith gently peeled away the claws allowing the stones to literally drop out. The 'empty' gold rings were then sold back to us as part of our Gold for Cash scheme. After weighing the gold unwanted rings we were able to provide a scrap value price which was used against the cost of the new bespoke design. In effect, the customer swapped something old for something new!

The customer wanted their two diamonds set at the ends of a five stone line-up. We sourced a larger diamond for the centre (which could increase the price dramatically), which was flanked either side by a tanzanite and emerald (relatively affordable). We think the colours and proportions work extremely well in this design.

GUIDE PRICE: £1,000 - £10,000 (depending on diamond chosen at the centre)

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