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Bespoke Design Service


Re-Set Sapphires Into A Ring

To take an unworn jewellery set (stud earrings and ring) and re-set the stones into a white gold trilogy ring.
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Amethyst Fitted Wedding Ring

To design and manufacture a fitted wedding ring around an amethyst and diamond engagement ring.
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Bespoke Patterned Wedding Ring

To add a specific pattern to a gold wedding ring to replicate one that was lost.
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Bespoke Silver Key And Coin Pendants

To manufacture a silver replica of a key plus a silver count mount for a sixpence, both intended to be worn as pendants.
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Bespoke Sapphire Pendant & Earrings Set

To take sapphires and diamonds from a couple of unwanted rings and set them into a bespoke butterfly pendant and drop earrings set.
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